Why is strength training beneficial for runners?

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4th July 2019
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Why is strength training beneficial for runners?

  • Greater complementary strength
  • Improvement in bone density
  • Reduces risk of injury

Don’t be put off by the idea of strength/resistance training.  It doesn’t mean going into a gym and picking up the heaviest weights!

A carefully planned programme using a combination of fixed machines, free weights, resistance bands and body weight exercises can all be used to give you extra strength. You don’t need to be in the gym every day.  By adding a 40 minute strength circuit to your training regime once or twice a week you can improve

  • Applying ‘progressive overload’ over time will prevent you from hitting a training plateau.  Working a variety of muscles in different planes of movement challenges the muscles. Including balance work and unilateral leg and arm exercises will all improve your running and overall strength.
  • Build lean muscle mass.  We sit on the biggest muscles in our body, our glutes and hamstrings, in the shortened range, at our desk, at home or in the car.  Working this ‘posterior chain’ will provide huge benefits to your running.  By simply working in the hypertrophy [8-15 rep] range you can build lean muscle mass and provide enough time under tension for the muscles to grow.  This does not stimulate ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’ growth, but rather develops increased strength, and overall fitness.

Remember……..Make it work for you!  Improve your hamstring & glute strength; add an upper body circuit for greater propulsion and balance; improve your ankle stability and core work.

How can having a personal trainer help? 

  • You spend less time in the comfort zone
  • Added motivation and drive
  • Personal, tailored technical expertise and guidance to help you achieve your goals

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