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7th March 2019

Pacing charts

Here are a couple of charts to help you get your pace right plus some of those dynamic stretching exercises you should all be doing before […]
20th April 2022

East Sussex Grand Prix

The Sussex Grand Prix is back up and running with a full set of races planned, although dates for some events have yet to be decided. […]
31st March 2020

XC, track and hill sessions plus some dynamic warm ups and Core exercises from Mara Yamauchi

On an undulating Cross Country course or where you have hills.Warm up - jog and dynamic stretches, drills then. 1)Long hills, jog back down (350 metres) […]
31st March 2020

Some hill and speed sessions for you courtesy of Mara Yamauchi

Cross Country - you could use the hills and fields and path next to Leisure centre or similar)Warm up - jog and dynamic stretches, drills. The […]
15th March 2020

ESSCCL League Table 2021/22 – Final Positions

With the results for the event at held on Pett on the 13th March 2022 added, the final league table for the 2021/22 season shows Crowborough […]
13th March 2020

Club Newsletter
2nd October 2019

Club Championship

Club Championship 2021 Update Thank you to all that entered 2021 Club Championship and submitted your results to be collated by Lisa Herbert. The results are […]
18th July 2019

Why is strength training beneficial for runners?

Greater complementary strength Improvement in bone density Reduces risk of injury Don’t be put off by the idea of strength/resistance training.  It doesn’t mean going into […]
4th July 2019

Try these 10K plans – Its summer time!

Why not try one of these 209events training plans for your perfect 10K. Other training plans up to the marathon at:
4th July 2019

Running Posture is important

So you thought it didn't matter how you ran? Have a look at the posture photo with added notes.