XC, track and hill sessions plus some dynamic warm ups and Core exercises from Mara Yamauchi

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15th March 2020
East Sussex Grand Prix
20th April 2022

XC, track and hill sessions plus some dynamic warm ups and Core exercises from Mara Yamauchi

On an undulating Cross Country course or where you have hills.Warm up - jog and dynamic stretches, drills then. 1)Long hills, jog back down (350 metres) 2)Circuit (approx 4x600m) with exercises between each lap (no rest) - I used squats, squat jumps and split-squat jumps, but you can use push-ups, burpees or other exercises. So, choose 2 exercises to do x 8 each after each 600m loop. 3) Short hills, jog back down (100m) 4)Short sprints approx 50m x 8 with 8 seconds between each from when last person finishes* no of reps can vary according to length of hill/circuit and ability but I recommend minimum of 2. 8 hills and 6 circuits! Warm down - jog and static stretching

Track sessionWarm up - jog and dynamic stretches, drills. Main session: 800m x 2; 600m x 2 (both 5km pace approx); 400m x 2; 200m x 2 (both max effort). 200m jog between everything.Longer session: add 1000m to start. Shorter session 1: drop 1 x 800m and 1 x 600m.Shorter sesison 2: drop 1 of everythingWarm down - jog and static stretching

HillsWarm up - jog and dynamic stretches, drills . Long hills (400m)Medium hills (200m)Short hills (80m)Main session: 1,3,5Hard session: 2,4,6Lighter session: 1,2,3All working hard up, easy jog back downWarm down - jog and static stretching


209 Events Portugal Camp: Drills


Key points to remember - running and warm up drills

  • ➢  Posture tall, looking forward, shoulders back, hips forward
  • ➢  Key running points: glut activation, dorsiflexion of ankle
  • ➢  Drills progress from sedentary to dynamic, and start with glut activations to ensuregood drills technique
  • ➢  Benefits of drills: more efficient running technique over time, better brain-musclecoordination, faster leg turn-over, faster muscle recruitment on demand, develop strength and fast-twitch muscle fibres, develop ankle strength to help stable foot plant, stronger push-off, overall better conditioning & consequent injury-prevention, etc.
  • ➢  Equipment: hurdles, ladders etc - can be useful but not essential.
  • Glut activationsGlut clenches both legs
    Glut clenches single leg
    Straight leg out to the side raises Hip rotations with bent knee Double leg squats
    Single leg squats
    Lunges forwards
    Lunges backwards
    Side lunges
  • DrillsA walk
    A walk up onto toes & pause at top
    A skip
    Lateral walk with knees bent
    Backwards walk folding lower leg at knee and push back
    B walk
    B skip
    Lunges with max height between lunges and aiming for triple extension Running with small, quick steps
    Running with folding legs underneath hip, to mid-shin height
    Running with folding legs underneath hip, to knee height (a)
    Straight leg running small steps (b)
    Straight leg running large steps
    Combine (a) and (b) 10 steps of (a) then 10 steps of (b) then repeat Combine (a) and (b), right leg doing (a), left leg doing (b) then switch Hopping, for height/distance to progress
    Skipping for height
    Skipping for distance
    Two-hop change
    Bunny hops on the spot
    Bunny hops moving forwards

Foot drills and lower limb conditioning


Tip toes walk forwards
Tip toes walk backwards
Heel walking
Walk onOutsides of feet
Walk onInsides of feet
Sideways walking, rolling feet side to side, both directions Lunge walk: down into squat, then walk

Rolling heel to toe walk
Forefoot slaps walking up on toes A walk
Toe yoga
Foot taps firm and slow
Foot taps light and fast



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