Club Newsletter February 2020
13th March 2020

Club Championship – Latest

Dear Crows,

Please see the attached a 2 page PDF file, These are the Male and Female results for the club championship so far this year. These results are what you have sent me and what I've been able to retrieve off Run Britain and the Power of 10.

You may note that there might be some races you think should be included that are missing. This is because some races in fact were not officially measured, either because they were short or long or multi terrain. In the case of club championship the race needs to be officially measured and recognized as such. Also, this year we are not including Parkrun results as previously mentioned.
I hope the attached inspires you to enter a few more races with 3 months left till year end! The names in red are those that I know of that have completed the 3 events and have therefore got a total score so far.
As it stands at the moment in the female category Heather Stevens is flying ahead and in the Male category its very close between Ollie Welch and Gordon Berry with just 6 seconds in it! Don't forget there will also be age category results to compete for too!

Please take a look and let me know if you spot any issues (i'm only human too) and I will endeavor to rectify the best I can. I will send out a final review for you all just before the end of the year to ensure all results are accurate as possible!
Kind regards, Claire

Male Senior (-40)Ollie Welch01:23:54Worthing Half00:39:14Phoenix 10k00:18:32Bexhill 5k02:21:40
Male Senior (-40)Jamie Woolgar01:43:05Paddock Wood Half00:50:00Heathfield 10k
Male Senior (-40)Alex Cole01:48:48Tunbridge Wells Half
Male Senior (-40)Ian Balmer0:42:37Hellingly 10k00:20:15Bexhill 5k
Male Senior (-40)Pete Woodward01:19:34Brighton Half
Male Senior (-40)Iain Watson01:44:08Farnborough Half
Male Senior (-40)Lee Kemp01:44:06Barnes Green Half00:21:37Bexhill 5k
Male Senior (-40)Robery Hicklin02:09:34Barnes Green Half
Male Vet 1 (40-50)Ben Morris01:31:29Hastings Half0:42:44Hellingly 10k
Male Vet 1 (40-50)Paul Bailey01:32:00Paddock Wood Half
Male Vet 1 (40-50)Roger Watts01:32:00Paddock Wood Half
Male Vet 1 (40-50)Gordon Berry01:24:14Paddock Wood Half00:39:04Hellingly 10k00:18:28Harbour Club 5k02:21:46
Male Vet 1 (40-50)Russell Beckett01:28:09Paddock Wood Half
Male Vet 1 (40-50)Neil Couchman00:18:11Bexhill 5k
Male Vet 1 (40-50)Tim Newman01:42:14Eastbourne Half
Male Vet 1 (40-50)Jonathan Nash02:14:56Tunbridge Wells Half
Male Vet 1 (40-50)Tony Lavender01:38:18Worthing Half00:46:15Phoenix 10k00:21:24Bexhill 5k02:45:57
Male Vet 2 (50-60)John Tighe02:08:37Hastings Half00:54:53East Peckham 10k
Male Vet 2 (50-60)Chris Ashby01:40:02Farnborough Half00:21:08Bexhill 5k
Male Vet 2 (50-60)Terry Harvey00:47:53Staplehurst 10k00:22:28Run Gatwick 5k
Male Vet 2 (50-60)Steve Bolton01:28:47Paddock Wood Half00:40:45Kew 10k00:20:25Bexhill 5k02:29:57
Male Vet 2 (50-60)Kevin Battell00:23:38Farnborough 5k
Male Vet 2 (50-60)Manfred Engler01:48:41Tunbridge Wells Half00:53:09East Grinstead 10k
Male Vet 2 (50-60)Francis LearyHastings Half
Male Vet 3 (60-70)James Welbury02:00:44Farnborough Half01:05:29Le Touquet 10k00:26:54Falesia 5k03:33:07
Male Vet 3 (60-70)Peter Maddision01:05:29Le Touquet 10k
Male Vet 3 (60-70)Ron Cutbill00:57:42East Grinstead 10k00:26:33Bexhill 5k
Male Vet 3 (60-70)Roger Stone00:25:29Bexhill 5k
Male Vet 3 (60-70)Bryan Tapsell01:54:03Barnes Green Half00:48:19Hellingly 10k
Male Vet 3 (60-70)Mark Winter00:58:34Hospice Weald 10k
Male Vet 4 (70-80)Bob Archer00:57:41Brighton 10k00:27:47Bexhill 5k
Female Senior (-34)Rebecca Stevens01:50:35Tunbridge Wells Half00:57:36Heathfield 10k00:23:49Bexhill 5k03:12:00
Female Senior (-34)Heather Stevens01:39:23Hastings Half00:43:14Brighton 10k00:20:55Bexhill 5k02:43:32
Female Senior (-34)Krysten Hicklin02:09:35Barnes Green Half
Female Vet 1 (34-44)Anna Tolmachova01:36:27Barnes Green Half00:44:03Hellingly 10k
Female Vet 1 (34-44)Claire Harvey01:45:46Run Gatwick Half00:46:31Staplehurst 10k00:22:41Plaistow 5k02:54:58
Female Vet 1 (34-44)Eileen Welch01:46:59Worthing Half00:47:27Phoenix 10k00:22:27Bexhill 5k02:56:53
Female Vet 1 (34-44)Georgina Frowde00:47:42Hospice Weald 10k
Female Vet 1 (34-44)Sammy Fee01:02:43Eastbourne 10k
Female Vet 1 (34-44)Vicki Whitehorn01:49:03Hastings Half
Female Vet 2 (45-54)Swati Patel02:05:11Tunbridge Wells Half
Female Vet 2 (45-54)Sue Newman01:54:05Lydd Half00:23:30Bexhill 5k
Female Vet 2 (45-54)Sarah Cooper02:09:06Tunbridge Wells Half
Female Vet 2 (45-54)Josephine Smith01:03:56Heathfield 10k00:27:02Bexhill 5k
Female Vet 2 (45-54)Mary Down00:56:19Heathfield 10k00:24:04Bexhill 5k
Female Vet 2 (45-54)Susannah Todd01:05:15Eastbourne 10k
Female Vet 2 (45-54)Ceri Cook01:56:30Paddock Wood Half00:53:26Eastbourne 10k
Female Vet 2 (45-54)Claire Stafford01:14:00Brighton 10k
Female Vet 2 (45-54)Louise Ellis01:56:46Run Gatwick Half00:23:27Bexhill 5k
Female Vet 2 (45-54)Liz Mander01:09:13Hellingly 10k
Female Vet 2 (45-54)Marie Bolton00:58:05Kew 10k00:28:21Bexhill 5k
Female Vet 3 (55-64)Sharon Wheeler02:02:21Paddock Wood Half01:03:14Newick 10k00:27:29Falesia 5k03:33:04
Female Vet 3 (55-64)Deborah Dixon02:14:08Tunbridge Wells Half
Female Vet 3 (55-64)Dominque Welbury00:34:53Farnborough 5k
Female Vet 3 (55-64)Sally McCleverty00:51:25Hellingly 10k
Female Vet 3 (55-64)Sarah Hilliard00:59:47East Grinstead 10k
Female Vet 4 (65-74)Ann Watson01:06:51Hellingly 10k