Club Newsletter
13th March 2020

Club Championship

Club Championship 2021 Update

Thank you to all that entered 2021 Club Championship and submitted your results to be collated by Lisa Herbert. The results are in but, as always, the winners will not be disclosed until the presentation of awards, which will take place at the Club's Annual General Meeting to be held at the end of June 2022.

The number of entries was far lower than in previous years. However, it is thought this only to be expected, due to the affect of "lockdown" and many members being reticent to enter races until levels of infection had reduced, the impact of the vaccines was better understood and race entry was considered less high risk.

Club Championship 2022

It was agreed at the 2021 Annual General Meeting that an alternative basis of award be adopted going forward that mirrored the Run Britain Handicap system. it has been found subsequently that under this system an individual's handicap is assessed, whilst known to be based on a number of factors, is a closely guarded secret. It is also calculated on a cumulative and not an annual basis. In addition, with the exception of Parkrun, it only takes into consideration the results of races that have been granted a England Athletics licence. Unfortunately, many of events, especially the large mass entry events, do not obtain such a licence on the basis of cost. All of this means that making the change requires requires more consideration and discussion before making a change. It has therefore been decided to continue with the existing system as a basis of award for the 2022 Club Championship. This means based on the sum total of a members fastest half-marathon, 10k and 5k race completed in the year commencing 1st January. Results submitted for a 5k race can include your fastest Parkrun at any location.

You race times should be sent to Lisa Herbert on a regular at to enable the table below to be update.

Male Senior (-40)
Male Vet 1 (40-50)
Male Vet 2 (50-60)
Male Vet 3 (60-70)
Male Vet 4 (70-80)
Female Senior (-34)
Female Vet 1 (34-44)
Female Vet 2 (45-54)
Female Vet 3 (55-64)
Female Vet 4 (65-74)