Club Newsletter
13th March 2020
Club Newsletter
13th March 2020

Club Championship 2023

Crowborough Runners – 2023 Club Championship Rules

Purpose of the Club Championship

To promote competition amongst the members and to encourage participation in local races, thus supporting fellow running clubs in the County.

Rules of the Championship

• All paid-up members of the Club are automatically entered into the Club Championship (making it as inclusive as possible).
• Club members earn points over the course of the club year by participating in 6 pre-determined races of various distances. The races for 2023 are as follows:
o Your best result in a half-marathon, of your choosing
o You best Parkrun at Dunorlan Park, Tunbridge Wells
The results you want to be included are to be notified to Lisa Herbert, our Road Race Manager, by 31st December 2023.
o The Club Handicap race - 5k (September 2023 – date to be agreed)
The other races are

Horsham Horsham Joggers10k14th May 2023
Heathfield Road Runners10k18th June 2023
Seaford Seaford Striders Mince Pie10 miles3rd December 2023

Races will be substituted during the year if an event is cancelled and every possible effort will be made to replace a cancelled race with one of a similar distance.
• Members finishing an event will be ranked according to their age-adjusted finishing time and points allocated accordingly.


If your time for a 5k is 00:30:23 and you are a 55 year old male, yielding an age-grading percentage of 50.08%, then your age-graded time will 00:25:39. This will be ranked with times of other club members who took part in the race who times will have been age-adjusted and points awarded as follows

More information on age-related timing and how it is calculated can be found via the following link Age Grade Calculator | Age-Grading Race Times (

The Club will be adopting the Runners World age-Adjusted Time calculator.

• For an age-adjusted time in an event to qualify, a member must have entered under Crowborough Runners and wear a Crowborough Runners vest/t-shirt at the event.

• The basis of scoring per race entered is as follows:
o 1 point – Fastest age-adjusted time
o 2 points – Second fastest age-adjusted time
o 3 points – 3rd fastest age-adjusted time, etc.

This applies to any Crowborough Runners taking part in any one of the nominated events, and so a member might finish the race in last place but if they are the only Crowborough Runner there, then you get 1st place and 1 point.
o Members not entering a race will be awarded a fixed number of points and this will always be one more point than any other club runner who took part and finished in a race.
If five members take part and then any member that did not take part is awarded 6 points. Equally, if four members took part then any member that did not take part would be awarded 5 points.

Name Age Race 1 (5k) Points Race 2 (10k) Points Points (Cum)
Actual Finishing Time Age Adjusted Time Actual Finishing Time Age Adjusted Time
John 35 00:19:05 00:18:46 2 00:39:00 00:38:39 3 5
Paul 45 5 00:38:45 00:35:33 1 6
George 55 00:23:00 00:19:25 4 00:43:00 00:36:36 2 6
Ringo 65 00:24:12 00:18:44 1 00:51:12 00:39:44 4 5
Fred 75 00:26:15 00:19:22 3 00:58:00 00:40:11 5 8

You race times should be sent to Lisa Herbert on a regular at to enable the table below to be update.

Male Senior (-40)
Male Vet 1 (40-50)
Male Vet 2 (50-60)
Male Vet 3 (60-70)
Male Vet 4 (70-80)
Female Senior (-34)
Female Vet 1 (34-44)
Female Vet 2 (45-54)
Female Vet 3 (55-64)
Female Vet 4 (65-74)