Welcome to Crowborough Runners

Looking to start running?  We are a friendly club that welcomes runners of all ages and abilities, from those just starting out on their running journey, including those following a couch-to-10k training programme, to more advanced athletes.  Our regular club runners range from social runners, who just take pleasure in exercising and running with others, to competitive club runners with race specific goals.

We are fortunate in that we have use of a surfaced, three lane all-weather track, which is floodlit during the winter months, providing the opportunity for runners of all abilities to train in a safe, comfortable and enjoyable environment all year round. Our guided training sessions are led by a dedicated team of volunteer coaches who are all England Athletics registered.  We encourage anyone who is already a runner, or who has just become interested in running, to come along for a "taster" session before joining the Club.  This can be by attending one or more of our weekly training sessions, or by joining us on one or more of our Club runs.  Further details on how to join the Club can be found below. 

All runners of all abilities are welcome to join us.


    Come along to any of our weekly sessions

    • Monday - A session of one hour from 6:30 pm on the track at the Leisure Centre in Crowborough. The sessions include speed and endurance work suitable for beginners up to more advanced runners. Separate sessions are organised for total beginners., which are designed to provide the support, guidance and encouragement necessary to give the confidence and the ability to run up to a 5K distance within 10 weeks. These sessions are also ideal for those returning from injury.
    • Tuesday - 6.30 pm on the track for an hour of race training, which includes speed and endurance work. There are separate sessions for advanced and intermediate runners.
    • Wednesday - Meet at the Goldsmith’s Leisure Centre main car park from 7:00 pm for a road run in winter, and most often of- road during the summer months. Transition Group (Monday new and improver runners and those returning from injury) 3-4 miles. Medium Pace - circa 5 miles - Average pace 10.30 -11 mins per mile. Medium/Fast Pace - circa 6 miles - Average pace 8.45 to 10 min mile. Fast Pace - circa 6 miles Average pace sub 8.45 and not faster then 7.45 min mile.
    • Saturday - training session for junior members age 8 and above, on the running track at 9.45 am.