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LOCATION: Peter Maddison’s house.


IN ATTENDANCE:  Peter Maddison (PM), Chairman. Kevin Battell (KB), Club Captain. Min Smithers (MS) Social Secretary. John Lowden (JL), Club Treasurer. James Welbury (JHW), Acting SGPRep and Road Race Manager, Tanya Edmondson (TE), Membership Secretary. Julie Watkins (JW) and Mary Nightingale (MN)


APOLOGIES: Julie Harker (JH),Club Secretary and Roger Stone (RS), X Country Manager 

JHW agreed to take minutes in the absence of JH. 


PM opened the meeting and welcomed MN and JW who had come to discus some ideas to attract new members and to discus an advertising campaign. (MN and JW attended for this part of the meeting only). 

Idea put forward as follows: 

1)       Posters and Flyers. For high profile areas such as the gym, entrance to Goldsmiths, Safeways, the Library and Town Hall. All agreed to come up with some firm suggestions for content – PM suggested we held a separate meeting to discus – Action point. PM to arrange date for “specific advertising meeting”.

2)       Have a stand inviting runners to join at the Crow. 10K race advertising the benefits of joining (£1

Off race entries, 5% off at local sports shops, excellent social events as well as running for all from

Beginners to fast runners, and to help those training for the marathon etc). KB suggested putting club kit on a board and having somebody like Liz to discus club activities with possible recruits.

3)       PM suggested we make up some business size cards showing web-site and contact details, when

We run, plus showing benefits.

4)       New members ”welcome” packs to be produced containing info. as above

5)       PM suggested poster slogans to be brainstormed – possibly at another meeting. JHW will discus with his mum, who is a qualified sign-writer.



1)       Minutes of the 18th August – taken as read and agreed. JHW asked if any minutes had been written by JH following the AGM – none received so far. It was confirmed all committee members, except JHW , were re-elected and that Roger Stone was elected as X Country Manager

2)       Matters Arising from last meeting: 

a)       London Marathon (club) places – TE to confirm with JH that these have been applied for.

b)       JH had written to Leisure Centre Manager to see if we could obtain a duplicate key for club noticeboard. TE to confirm current situation with JH and to follow up as necessary

3)       Chairman’s Report. 

a)        Membership drive. PM to draft newsletter item asking members for ideas to attract new members– to be placed in next newsletter.

b)        Club Publicity. PM to write to Sussex Express and Courier to invite them to the 10K and also to explore cost and possibility of placing advert in papers inviting non-attached local runners to join us (Heathfield Runners said to put an advert in papers on these lines regularly.)

c)        Halloween Pub Run. Only a couple of members have said to PM they will attend. (Disappointing uptake.) It was thought it would not be worth organising food at the Coopers Arms if only one or two runners wanted to attend. PM to follow up and re-email members.

d)        Club Kit. We are apparently very low on stock, especially average sizes (running vests). It is thought no Track suits are in stock either. JL agreed to contact Leslie Gray, to obtain stock inventory of the same and to discus at the next meeting. PM to ask Leslie to put an advert in the Newsletter asking how many members would like to buy a tracksuit, and perhaps a new order could be raised.  Question: Could we obtain new kit / stock from Newline as PM has set up good relationship with local supplier? KB to approach Newline before 10K and ask them to bring up a selection of running vests which members and the committee could examine for discussion at next meeting. KB to confirm they will attend the 10K too.   

e)        Christmas Dinner. MS said she had 33 names who had expressed an interest in coming – only a few had given her menu selections. If we don’t get 60 to come, club will have to pay for Disco. MS also said the Chequers needed a baseline figure for numbers by early November. It was agreed that club would pay for Disco if necessary and also buy bottles of wine for the tables, but would not put a tab at the bar and would not provide a free coach. PM to e-mail / contact members with a November 3rd deadline for putting forward their names and menu selection. TE to confirm with Chequers price of Disco and to report to JL and committee. KB said he wanted the baked-bean option.

f)         Water Rota the saga continues! JHW said he had spent quite a bit of time phoning  / e-mailing people to arrange for water to be covered when somebody dropped out. PM to e-mail runners on the rota for Nov/Dec 03 to ensure they are reminded when to do their duty. TE to provide KB with membership list so that KB can produce new rota for next year. KB to mail the new rota to Leslie to ensure details go in Newsletter AND that they go in each month’s newsletter.

g)        Membership. TE said only 33 runners had paid up so far – committee expressed their disappointment. PM had sent a mail out reminding runners to pay up – little reaction to this. PM suggested that (next year) we introduce a new club rule that if members don’t pay when subscriptions due, price would be more – other clubs do this. PM to submit final reminder to runners by e-mail.

h)        The Crowborough 10K. PM had attended 10K-committee meeting last week. Entries going well, Russell Taylor confirmed that the club is using the Runners World “on-line” entry facility this year for the first time – he has had approx. 25 on-line entries so far and these are not Sussex runners, so we may be attracting runners that we would not normally get. Mark Taylor will be chief Marshall this year – will be briefed by old Aunt Jane in due course. Ian and Lyn Coates will do time-keeping but they would like someone to observe what they do at this years race with a view to handing over duties (MS agreed succession planning is a must – what would happen if IC and LC were sick, for example?) MS to contact Leslie to get a note put in the newsletter asking for volunteers to observe Lyn and Ian this year. MS to also liase with Leslie regarding cakes and raffle prizes. PM to ensure members are made aware that it is their responsibility to help out by marshalling or assisting at the 10K – if they run, they should provide a helper. – e-mail to go out.

i)         Mr. Sid Smith.  PM suggested, and it was agreed, following the award to Sid of honorary club membership, to obtain a framed honorary membership certificate. JHW to approach IJW (sign-writer) to commission certificate plus frame. TE to provide JW with Sid’s full name.

j)         Honorary Membership. PM suggested and it was agreed, to offer the same to Anne Chapman and Dave Crosby, and also, if they accepted, to invite them to the Xmas dinner. PM to write to Anne and Dave C.

k)       Wednesday Night Routes and Sunday watering location names.  KB agreed to reprint the Weds. night routes on cards, preferably laminated for members.  JHW agreed to try to scan maps and get loaded onto web-site (these could be password protected for members for security reasons) and to add names of common water locations. For example “Dog Leg” (Stone Cross), Clock Tower (going towards Woodcutters onto the forest.)

l)         Web Site – JW to contact Roger Champion, our web-site admin manager, to see why the site has been down this week.


4)       Secretaries report – none in her absence.


5)       Social Secretaries Report -  see e) above. Also agreed re Xmas bash – members to pay / give cheques to JL on the night. JL will arrange for one cheque / to pay venue.  MS to contact Gill and Dave Stevenson to ask if they could host the Boxing Day event. JHW said he would do an Xmas Eve run with mince pies if he was in the UK. NYD run would go ahead as last year.


6)       Club Captain’s Report – see f) re water rota and k) re Weds night runs. MS raised the point that new runners should be accompanied. Committee agreed that advice should be sought about running and Epilepsy as one of our members has had problems whilst running. KB to e-mail Runners World and seek advice about running and epilepsy.


7)       Treasurer’s Report.  £351 in current account. £3381 in savings account. JHW said Nat West had asked him to produce ID 3 times so far this year and it was becoming a joke. NB if Club Secretary changes, ALL account authorised signatories would have to show two pieces of ID YET again.


8)       Road race Manager.  JHW has changed jobs and would like someone to take over his role, having done it since 1999 – time for some new blood to come onto the committee. He suggested that it could be split, but nobody offered to take his position at the AGM/ KB suggested that Club Captain and Chairman could take a more active role in getting runners to enter SGP races, for example. JHW said he had still not had the date of the SGP AGM confirmed and had not received an invite. He also said that it would be possible for 5 ladies to do 8 SGP races, but only 8 or 9 men would, so we would not do very well in the SGP this year, however, some individuals would be winning their age categories. JHW agreed to approach Mike Garland to see if he was willing to help. JHW also said he had e-mailed Active Sports (Lynsey Wheels) to ask when the proposed meeting with the School PE teachers and WDC was to be heard – nothing heard so far.)


9)       X Country -  Rep not present – first event in two weeks



Date of next meeting – Monday 12th January 2004. Location TBC 


PM closed the meeting at 10.20 – Thanks to Peter for (finally) providing refreshments  !!
Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 18th August 2003


Present: Peter Maddison, James Welbury, Min Smithers, Julie Harker, Kevin  Battell, John Lowden        


Apologies: Tanya Edmondson


1.      Chairman’s Report:

Crystal Palace a very successful evening, as the evenings are getting darker earlier, arm bands are to be worn.  Julie to apply for London Marathon places.  Crowborough 10k to advertise in Runners World, to attract more runners to help with club funds.  


2.      Secretary’s Report:

A sum of £24.00 passed to John Lowden in respect of arm band sales.


3.      Social Club Secretary’s Report:

Christmas Dinner – being organised, possibility of The Chequers in Maresfield, Barnsgate Manor too expensive and would have to share with another party, White Hart no good and Mark Cross too small, some happy to go back to Highlands.  Possibilities of dates are Saturday 6th December, Friday 5th December or Friday 12th December.


4.      Club Captain’s Report:

It is not safe for Michael Lehmann to run alone; he was left behind on a Wednesday run and was found collapsed in the middle of the road. 


Buxted Park Relays – good fun apart from the times being incorrect.


5.            Treasurer’s Report:

Taking a long time to collect the money in from The South Downs Relay – people not paying quickly enough.


Money received from Crystal Palace £154.60 – 17 tickets, £79.00 minibus, £12.00 Diesel, £4.38 water.  Total £249.98 received £255.00 17 people @ £15.00 each – maybe an annual trip.


Savings Account £3,381.00

Current Account £270.00


6.         SGP Road Race Manager’s Report:

The Hastings 1066 race is not an SGP race.  Are we going to get 10 men and 5 women to do their 8 SGP races? Some concerns.

James wishes to stand down as SGP road race manager.


7.      Cross Country Manager’s Report:

There is normally a cross country meeting in August – not heard anything.


John wishes to stand down as cross country manager.


8.         AGM

Min will try and book the WI hall in Ghyll Road Crowborough for Wednesday 24th September.  Last year it was £11.00 to hire the hall.  Min/Julie to organise catering.


Positions as follows:


Peter – Chairman

Julie – Secretary

Min – Social Secretary

Kevin – Club Captain

John – Treasurer

Tanya – Membership Secretary

Tanya – Ladies Club Captain

Lesley – Club Kit

Stuart – Newsletter

Len – Publicity

SGP Road Race Manager – Vacancy

Cross Country Manager – Vacancy


Peter/James to organise trophy engraving, after decision of who is to be awarded which trophies – James’ list.


9.         Any Other Business:

Julie to send letter to Manager of Goldsmiths Leisure Centre asking if a spare key could be cut to access the notice board more easily, Crowborough Runners happy to pay for this.


Membership fees to stay at £12.50? Should they be lowered or stay the same.  Committee voted 3 all.  Peter to ring Tanya for deciding vote.


James sent another letter to the council ref the track - no reply.  The land is owned by the Town Council – but no funding, needs someone to follow this up.


There is a Halloween pub run on Friday 31st October – possible buffet in the Coopers afterwards.


There are still 26 vests and 13 jackets of club kit in stock.



The new committee will decide the next committee meeting.


11.        Meeting closed at 10.00.  Thanks to Kevin & Carol for hosting the meeting.

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 19th May 2003


Present: James Welbury, Min Smithers, Julie Harker, Kevin Battell,  John Lowden         


Apologies: Tanya Edmondson, Peter Maddison “I’m walking in the hills”


1.      Chairman’s Report:

            Acting Chairman James Welbury:

The water rota seems to be working ok.  Kevin obtaining prices for car stickers within the next two days – James providing artwork.  Crystal Palace can’t be booked until nearer the time and it’s been confirmed that Paula Radcliff will be there.  This will take place on a Saturday in August.  Names of people interested in going will go into a ballot for a place, if we can get a minibus.

The London Marathon coach trip money will NOT be refunded for those who paid and didn’t go as this trip already ran at a loss of £65.00 as the coach was £280.00 and only £215.00 was received.

Final arrangements are in place for the South Downs Relay – marshals organised and minibuses have been booked from Parkers and Gilberts.  The money from the runners is to be collected by the Team Captains on the day after the run and the fee is £17.00 each.

Fifty armbands were bought for £315.00.  Julie has sold 13 bands and given John £39.00 Julie to ask Peter how many he has sold.  Julie to e-mail Lesley asking her to put a note in next month’s newsletter asking people if they still want bands to contact Julie.

The signatories for the Nat West Bank account have been done.  John to confirm with the bank this has been accepted.  It has been confirmed that David Lear has been removed and that Julie Harker and James Welbury have been added.

The 10 mile practice run due to be held on May 26th has been cancelled due to lack of interest, that course will not exist.  Min will confirm this with Russell as to exactly what is happening, as no one was aware it had been cancelled.

The Eastbourne half marathon due to take place in September has been cancelled.


2.      Secretary’s Report:

Julie to ask Tanya If she will be Ladies’ Club Captain. 


3.      Social Club Secretary’s Report:

Min is trying to organise a barn dance with a buffet in September and has spoken to Mary-Ann – Ken has the details.  There is a possibility of a summer pub run.  The Bewl Bridge Club run will take place on Sunday 3rd August.  The bar meal after the London Marathon was a great success.  Min to enquire about a quiz night – Saturday night preferable.


4.      Club Captain’s Report:

Kevin is happy with his duties and is making sure that there is always someone to run with, so no one runs alone, maybe the routes could be pre-arranged and some different ones added.


5.            Treasurer’s Report:

Beacon School require a £50.00 deposit for the 10k, Min signed cheque.  The bank account is in credit even though we are spending more money than we are receiving – due to a loss on various events.  We have £221.00 in the current account and £3,371.00 in the savings account; both these accounts are with Nat West.


6.         SGP Road Manager’s Report:

We are currently in 9th place after 4 events – not enough people doing the grand prix races.  The Eastbourne half marathon due to take place on September 7th has been cancelled and it is proposed to be put in for the 29th of February next year, there are a few concerns about this.  The SGP fees are to increase to £50.00 next year.  The Chichester 10k is organised by the Lions, and don’t know about the Hastings 10k.The lost trophy stands are to be replaced by us as we supposedly lost them.  James to sort this out once he has received a picture from Ron.  The Worthing 10k is June 11th, Heathfield 10k is June 22nd and the South Downs Relay is June 7th.


7.      Cross Country Manager’s Report:

John feels inclined to pull out of the cross country due to lack of support.  This is to be brought up at the AGM.  There is a cross-country meeting in September and the fee is only £10.00.  Looking for a new volunteer for cross-country manager and should we continue with the league?


8.         Any Other Business:

James is writing to the council again to complain about the state of the track – what about lottery bid?

This year The Club Handicap will consist of two road races one on Wednesday 25th June and the other on Wednesday 9th July, this will be the same road route as last year consisting of one route one way and the other, the other way.

Kevin has kindly volunteered to help James with the Club Championship spreadsheet.

Roger Champion has accepted honoury membership and has sent a letter of thanks also for his £25.00 M&S voucher.

Our Ladies have requested that the club vest be a little more stylish, could we have suggestions please – though not from Peter.  Min to ask Lesley if she’d come up to the club with the catalogues.  We could ask Newline but it has to be a supplier who would be able to keep to the same colours and continually supply.  Could we run in old and new stock?  Feedback to Lesley.



The next committee meeting will be held at Kevin’s house on Monday 18th August 2003.


10.        Meeting closed at 10.00.  Thanks to Min & Michael for hosting the meeting.

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 24th March 2003


Present: Peter Maddison, James Welbury, Min Smithers, Julie Harker,  Kevin Battell           


Apologies: John Lowden


1.      Chairman’s Report:

Water Rota – Michael Lehmann was due to do the water on March 2nd.  Len took his place; Russell Taylor is requesting a swop for May 18th – the day of the Hailsham 10 miler.

Kevin investigating the possibility of car stickers. 

What to do with Club funds – interest in a trip to Crystal Palace, the megaphone has been replaced and is with James. 

The coach for the London Marathon is booked.

Thanks to Kevin for printing and binding the Club Handbook.

Crowborough Runners have now joined the CDSA.


The bill (£280.00)  has been received for the coach for the London Marathon. The coach will leave Goldsmiths at 7am and return from London at 4pm.  An e-mail has been sent asking if people would like places on the coach, it’s a 58 seater 36 seats are booked so far leaving 22 empty.  Peter to offer places to Utopia, Wadhurst and ask at the reception of Goldsmiths.  Seats £5.00 each – money to be paid to Peter prior to the event NOT on the day.


South Downs Relay – The fixtures are now complete for the 7th of June, the ladies team starts at 5.30am Captain Nicky Watts, the men’s team starts at 7.00am Captain Sid Smith and the vets team starts at 7.30am Captain Kevin Battell.  The marshalls – Julie, Dominique and Russell are to be at the Bo-Peep at the start of leg 3 from 6.45am to 10.00am.  Marshalls to liaise and assess the area and report back to Peter so he can report to the organisers.  Peter to put a note in newsletter with reference to team members to practice their legs and contact captains.  Drivers/Navigators so far are Len Cumbers, Tony Watts and Mark Taylor 2 more volunteers are required.  Peter discussing minibuses with Parkers – 3 are required 1 x 17 seater 1 x 10 seater and 1 x 8 seater VW Caravel for the ladies.

Runners are to pay £17.00 each - £60.00 a-team £79.00 minibus + fuel.  The club will be charged £150.00 per team making it £25.00 each runner.  Last year it was subsidised by £70.00 overall – only 2 teams last year – subsidised by £6.00 per runner.  This year subsidising approx £10.00 per runner, £105.00 for 3 teams.


Following complaints from motorists that some runners are not visible at night  Peter to order 50 flashing armbands from New line at £6.99 each including 30% discount & VAT no postage & packing making a total of £349.50.  Peter to see if he can get a better deal – managed to get the price down to £315.00 for 50 making them £6.30 each.  The 50 bands will be ordered and added to the club kit, these will be offered to club members to buy at a reduced rate of £3.00 each 1 per person.  Julie to hold stock and sell on a Wednesday evening.  James to put a note in the newsletter. 


At the next meeting John will be asked who are the signatories for the account and in which order of authority and if it is possible to have another cheque book.


The meeting at Beacon School on March 17th showed East Sussex to be a high sporting area.  We still await WDC to approve plans for The Town Council for Goldsmiths.


A donation of £50.00 was sent to Step by Step for marshalling for the Crowborough 10K.  A letter of thanks has been received.  Peter to put the letter on the notice board.


A letter of thanks has also been received from Mike Thorne in respect of his honorary membership, Peter to put this on the board.


On Monday 26th May the 10K Committee are organising a 10 mile practice course as a possible replacement for the 10K.  This will be brought up at the AGM for discussion.  Letters have been sent to Wadhurst, Utopia, Heathfield, Paddock Wood, Tunbridge Wells and Hailsham running clubs inviting them to practice this course  (letter dated 18th February) .  We have good facilities for the 10K.  The 10 miler will be on narrow lanes where there is a high risk of accidents – there are a number of reservations about the proposed course concerning safety.  There has been some negative feedback on this and it’s felt it should be a Club decision.  It is also felt this could jeopardise our use of Goldsmiths with all the extra runners using the facilities – showering.  The 10K committee are as follows: Len Cumbers, David Stevenson, Min Smithers, Lyn Coates, Ian Coates, Russell Taylor and Jane Boulton.


2.      Secretary’s Report:

A survey had been sent to the club asking for runner’s personal details, it was decided this would not be completed.


Julie received some interest from Tanya with reference to becoming a committee member.  It was agreed that Julie would ask Tanya if she would act as Ladies Club Captain until the AGM.


3.      Social Club Secretary’s Report:

Min is organising a hot bar meal in the Plough & Horses for anyone interested on Sunday evening 13th April after the London Marathon.


Min is going to look into more social events from July onwards thoughts so far, quiz, barn dance, summer pub run, dog racing and breakfast to follow a Sunday run.  Peter to contact the council with reference to a litter clear up run.


4.      Club Captain’s Report:

What do the duties include?  This was in the last set of minutes, Peter to copy these to Kevin.  Runners should not run alone and faster runners should slow down to accompany slower runners.


5.            Treasurer’s Report:

An abbreviated set of accounts was received by the committee via e-mail.  A full set will be produced for the AGM.  As of 31st December 2002, £5046.00 was in the bank account,  £4, 500 as of 31st December 2001.  The account has grown by £546.00 in a year.


6.         SGP Road Manager’s Report:

Numbers are well down on SGP races this year so far, it is early days with only 4 races into the year.  Are people injured? Would like to see more club runners taking part in the SGP.


7.      Cross Country Manager’s Report:



8.         Any Other Business:

Kevin to talk to Nicky with reference to her Marathon place – can it be deferred, Kevin to report back.


Min to organise a card for Mary-Anne & Ken’s wedding


Thanks to Roger Champion who manages our web site.  James to organise a £25.00 M&S voucher as thanks and pass Roger’s address to Peter.  Peter to send letter giving Roger honorary membership.


The track at Goldsmiths has been damaged leaving a large dip this should be filled/raked James looking into.


Should Chichester be part of the SGP?  Peter to discuss at SGP meeting.



The next committee meeting will be held at Min’s house on Monday 19th May 2003.


10.        Meeting closed at 11.04.  Thanks to James & Dominique for hosting the meeting.


Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 12th February 2002 

Present: Elaine Taylor, James Welbury, Graham Stevens, Dave Crosby, Min Simithers
Apologies: John Lowden, Dave Lear

1.  Minutes of Last Meeting
Item 5 on last minutes should have been DL not DC.

2.  Chairman’s Report:
There is uncertainty as to DL’s position. GS to find out if he is willing to continue as club captain.
Predefined routes for Wednesday night run. Routes to be described in next newsletter. 
Spare club vests at races for runners who misplace theirs. ET to get 2 from Tanya for JW. Extra committee members (2) discussed but decided against.
Boxing day run and news year day run were success. Marathon places went to Min Smithers and Julie Harker.
We need to consider the way our club marathon places are allocated. This is to be discussed at a later date but suggestions include:
            Club member for year
            Never run London for club
            Enter and refused 3 times
            First claim members only
            SGP any race
            SGP 8 races
            Once every 5 years = exclusion.
Honorary membership for Mike Thorne. GS to write letter.
Crop tops – JW to send letter to SEAA getting approval of design.
Headed note paper for ET.

3.  Secretary's Report:
Letter from Hailsham Harriers congratulation us on winning the GP has been put on the notice board.
Several entry forms including Worthing 20M have been put on the notice board.

4. Social Secretary’s Report:
Next years Xmas meal could be at Highlands – MS to investigate. Collect money for meal in advance
Quiz night date still to be arranged – maybe Sat 9th March.
Maybe have a club outing on a Saturday night to an evening race meeting at Lingfield Park.

5. Club Captain’s Report:

6. Treasurer’s Report:

Profit from 2001 10K Road race


Profit from 2001 10K account


Balance in Current AC


Balance in Capital Reserve AC




Forthcoming payments £92? To SEAA affiliation
  £80? For minibus to GP Prizegiving
£120 for GP T-shirts
  £20 for Sussex County AAAs

GS to look for SEAA renewal form.
Coach for London Marathon – What about food afterwards? Maybe a buffet at the Plough.
DC to ring DL about South Downs replay.

7. Road Manager’s Report:
Congrats from SGP for winning this years GP. At least 12 individual prize winners, inc 1st man and joint 1st lady. Teams: Men 3rd; Ladies 1st; Male Vets 2nd; Female vets 1st.
Mini bus for prize giving on Wed 23rd January. Details on website. JW sent report to Courier, who are sending a reporter.
Vouchers for Roger - £25 and thank you card. GS to give Roger’s address to DC.
ET to ask Anne about missing December newsletter. ET to get ruby wedding card for Anne.
Proposed Bruges trip on w/e of 22nd June.

8. Cross Country Manager’s Report:
Absent. No Crowborough race this year.
No response from UK athletes re new running track. Allegedly town were awarded £480,000 millennium fund which was to go towards a running track. Some residents in Pilmer Road complained and nothing has happened.

9. Any Other Business

The next meeting will be on Thursday 7th  March 2002 at 20:00.  The venue will be JW’s house.

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on Thursday 22nd November 2001 at 5, Hydehurst Close, Crowborough


Present: Elaine Taylor, Min Smithers, Graham Stevens, James Welbury  

Apologies : Dave Crosby, Dave Lear, John Lowden

1.  Minutes of Last Meeting:     

The minutes were taken as read.

2.  Chairman’s Report:

The meeting started on a sad note as ET read out the letter that Anne Chapman had recently written complaining about DL’s speech at the AGM almost two months ago. This promoted lengthy discussion, with GS and JW feeling strongly that although DL’s speech was a little colourful in places it was well accepted by the vast majority of listeners.  During the discussion only three members names could be thought of when we tried to think of those that had expressed discontent, and two of those don’t run. ET sympathised with those that weren’t happy with the speech but did say that she remembers thinking the speech, “wasn’t too bad”.  JW and GS both stated their intentions to resign if DL decides to take this course of action. It was agreed that we do not want to loose DL, either as a committee member or a Crowborough Runner. ET asked JW and GS to try and get DL to stay on.


GS mentioned the news letter. The last one contained three pages of text followed by 60 blank pages. This causes more work for Roger when putting the document on the web site because we don’t want the empty pages. Roger has also asked if it would be possible to have the race results in a table. 


We still don’t know if Heathfield Runners are coming to train with us on Sunday’s. Some runners have reservations about them training with us to improve themselves when they will be trying to beat us in races.  For this reason we would say they are welcome at anytime, provided they at least join us as second claim.


We don’t have a first aid kit cover to keep the kit safe and dry. ET is going to investigate the possibility of getting a large tupperware box.


ET is willing to run a quiz night for the club around February 2002. The questions are suitable for a wide age group so it would be a good evening to bring interested children along to. ET suggested the CCA hall as a venue. The event could include a fish’n’chip supper.


Tanya is worried about the club membership form being on the club website. James will clarify the situation.


Dave and Jill Stevenson have kindly agreed to host the Boxing day run again this year. Details will be included in the next newsletter. The clubs two London Marathon places will be allocated, by means of a draw, after the run.  All those that have been rejected by the marathon should get their names to GS before boxing day.

3.  Secretary's Report:      

GS reported that he has got the club’s marathon places. He is also getting plenty of Crowborough Runners post now. There is quite a bit of cross country stuff and a £20 bill that he had intended passing on to JL and DC respectively.


GS will invite Roger Champion (web site Roger) to the clubs Xmas meal. As a sign of our appreciation of his hard work it was agreed that the club will pay for Roger. GS will also invite Roger to the 10K so that he can meet some of us and use his excellent photographic skills to take pictures of male and female athletes modelling the Crowborough Runners strip. We would also like Roger to take photographs of the awards ceremony. Some pictures would go on the web site.

4.  Social Secretary’s Report:

So far there are 47 names on the list for the Xmas meal. The maximum allowable is 60.


It was agreed that raffle tickets should be sold both before the event and at the event. The draw will be done at the Xmas meal.


It was also agreed that we should increase the price of the refreshments we sell after the10K. The increase will only be a small one and will be at the discretion of MS.

5.  Club Captain’s Report:

Peter Morley wants to join us from Heathfield Runners. JW explained the procedure for a runner(R) to leave his old club(O) and join a new club(N). This is, R needs to write a letter of resignation to the club secretary of O. R also needs to write a letter to the club secretary of N, expressing his wish to join them. When club secretaries of both O and N agree, a letter has to be written to the SEAA to get their acceptance.


DC has entered the club for the South Downs Relay so DC needs to book the mini-bus.


DL feels that the AGM meeting room was too big – we could book somewhere smaller next year, especially as we are now having to pay (£20) for the room.

6.  Treasurer’s Report:

DC provided the following report (in italics).   


I.   I apologise for not attending the meeting, but I am required to shift boxes in Tunbridge    


2.   Lesley Gray tells me that our clothing suppliers have informed her that the condition

     of the blue master/stencil for the lettering on our Club clothing has deteriorated/perished

     such that it will need to be replaced at a cost to us of £52.80.

     Do we wish to continue using dark blue lettering??

     It seems to me the case for continuing is that it allows for members to order light coloured

     clothing, e.g. Sid's grey sweatshirt, if they so wish.

     The case against is that there is a trend to order darker colours, e.g. Elaine's royal blue

     t-shirt, against which white lettering is better.

     Our white stencil is O.K. at least for the time being.

     Shall we take the 'opportunity' to change our sweat and t-shirts permanently to, say, royal

     blue and retain only white lettering??


3.   Also from Lesley. Our ladies are ordering croptops ( could it be crop tops? ) in royal

     blue. For the benefit of male committee members, a croptop is a vest or t-shirt cut offjust

     below the, er, bust.

     A question has arisen as to whether or not these croptops would be legal as Club colours

     when racing.

     A club is required to register its colours when first applying for affiliation, and ours are

     registered as per our vest, i.e. with a dark blue band around the chest. I don't remember

     with whom these colours are registered! It could be County or UK Athletics or something


     Could the Secretary please look up the details in the handbook with a view to coming to

     some conclusion??

4.  The state of our accounts is as follows:-


Deposit Account                £1920.68

Current Account                 £1077.45

IOk Account                £973.10


Total                      £3971.23 


     This is a time of year when we are particularly flush! !


Crop tops Rule 15 says registered club colours only so a crop top would have to be registered. JW to email Ron and Joice. Club clothes - could we get Roger to photograph people in club gear and put it on the web site. Maybe Jane could model the womens.

7.  Road Manager’s Report:

We are currently first overall in the grand prix (excluding Brighton results). We need Peter Madison and Ian Coates to run the Crowborough 10K to help us win it. Some of the ladies could also help by running the Crowborough 10K, JW will be at his most persuasive to try and get them out.


The Brugees Vets 10 mile Race next year is on 23rd June. This is the last running of this race and we are planning to go and do it instead of Le Touquay. It is a fast course suitable for PB’s.


JW has been in touch with the council to try and get the 400 metre(ish) track repaired or replaced. Don’t hold your breath but watch this space!

8.  Cross Country Manager’s Report:

JL wants more people to turn out for the cross country.  The committee will have to try harder to persuade people, but some don’t like cross country for various reasons.

9.  Any Other Business:

Where’s the big teapot?  We’ll have to ask around.


The next meeting will be on Monday 14th January 2002 at 20:00.  The venue will be Min’s house.