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THE 2001 SUSSEX GRAND PRIX - Crowborough Runners are the CHAMPIONS !

The SGP Prizegiving was held at 8 pm on Wed. January 23rd 2002 at the Jack and Jill pub in Clayton.
Crowborough Runners last won the Sussex Grand Prix in 1992.

Overall Team winner - 1st Crowborough, 2nd Seaford, 3rd Hailsham.
Mens Open - 1st Hailsham, 2nd Seaford, 3rd Crowborough
Ladies Open - 1st Crowborough, 2nd Phoenix, 3rd Seaford
Mens Vets - 1st Hailsham, 2nd Crowborough, 3rd Seaford
Ladies Vets - 1st Crowborough, 2nd Hailsham, 3rd Seaford

Men's Open League - prize winners
Darrell Smith -       1st Open
Dave Lear -           4th open, 2nd mens vet, 2nd MV1
Graham Stevens - 8th open, 3rd Mens vet, 3rd MV1
Mark Chapman -   16th open
Kevin Battell         18th open
Paul Marten -        2nd MV4
Len Cumbers -      2nd MV6
Ladies Open League - prize winners
Jane Boulton - Joint Ladies 1st Open, Joint Ladies vet 1st, 1st FV2
Gill Stevenson -  3rd open
Tracey Watson - 6th open, 4th Ladies vets, 2nd FV1
Liz Davies -        2nd FV3
Joan Taylor -      3rd FV6

Mens Open Team prize winners
Darrell Smith
Dave Lear 
Graham Stevens 
Mark Chapman   
Kevin Battell  
Paul Marten
Ian Coates
James Welbury
Peter Maddison
Sid Smith 

Ladies Open Team prize winners

Jane Boulton
Gill Stevenson
Tracey Watson
Liz Davies

Tanya Edmondson

Mens Vets team prize winners                           
Dave Lear                                                        
Graham Stevens 
Paul Marten
James Welbury
Ian Coates                                              

Ladies Vets team prize winners
Jane Boulton
Tracey Watson
Liz Davies

Other brilliant performances:
Min Smithers - 28th open vet - 6th FV4
Avis Holden -   27th open vet - 9th FV3
Jenny Neil - 43rd open vet - 8th FV4
Ros Ralph - 48th open vet
Elaine Taylor - 50th open vet
Christine Smith - 9th FV4
Nicola Watts - 29th overall (open)
Julie Harker - 38th overall (open)
Tanya Edmondson - 24th overall
Lin Coates - 67th overall (6 events)
Lucy Stevens - 79th overall (5 events) 
Mike Coates - 106th overall (open)
Ron Cutbill - 156th (6 events) 
And there are more that I haven't mentioned   Tata !  James

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